We pride ourselves on our experienced and friendly team. Our support and knowledge network is key to our success.

Branka Simunovich – Simunovich Olive Estate

We have enjoyed working with Steel Sheds. They are always available and respond quickly when we need them. That was a challenge in that we always wanted everything done yesterday, but Steel Sheds have responded well to our demands and the building was completed ahead of time. We’re very excited about the result. They’ve done a great job. And it’s been a positive experience with a wonderful end result. We highly recommend Steel Sheds.”

SIMON LOCKIE – Parakai Airfield

We knew what we wanted, and we’ve ended up with exactly what we wanted – no compromises. This particular hangar needs to house three or four light aircraft, then once they’re inside we need to be able to maneuver them around easily. The building wasn’t without its challenges. Because the site is in a 100-year flood area, Steel Sheds had to lift the concrete floor on top of the ground by 300mm. To do that they used a new system inside the pad using plastic domes because metal wasn’t an option. The end result is we have a good building that looks solid and will last a long time.

OLAF VAN DALL – Callibre Boats

Steel Sheds impressed me with their professionalism. They were totally approachable and very practical, engineering the building to save us a considerable amount of money. Steel Sheds continually pulled things together very quickly with a quality result. I’m very pleased with our finished building which is working perfectly for our business.

LINDSAY HOLLARD – West Coast Marine

We worked with Steel Sheds on the design of the building so it was completely tailored towhat we wanted. Steel Sheds then supplied it to us as a kitset and gave us all the technical help and support we needed to build it ourselves. It’s a substantial building but everything was well documented because Steel Sheds is extremely organised. They were easy to deal with and very helpful. The end result is excellent.

Ross McCarroll

When you’ve collected a few old vehicles – like old Ford cars and tractors – you need a place to keep them under cover. I needed a pretty big shed to put them in as well as some other memorabilia I had around the place. I like the nice clean lines of the steel sheds, the coloursteel roof and that I could have the cladding of my choice. I also like the fact it’s all open space inside, no rafters and nothing hanging down. Everyone who’s seen it has been impressed with it; they’ve said it’s a good shed and they wouldn’t mind it. Building with Steel Sheds was easy. I had a lot to do with them initially when we were drawing up the plans and they were interpreting what I wanted. And now I have a great shed. I’m pleased with the overall result and all in all it was a good experience.