About Us

Steel Sheds is a 100% New Zealand owned company, our buildings are designed and engineered in New Zealand.

Our Company

Steel Sheds is a subsidiary of Donovan Group, a family owned New Zealand business which controls all elements of the buildings Design, Engineering and Manufacture in house. With over 40 years in business in we pride ourselves on our product and our people to deliver the best building solution to the client every time. Steel Sheds are a market leader in their field due to a consistent and strong commitment to innovative engineering skills and quality materials.

Our Technology

Software plays a pivotal role in the design process of any building in the modern construction environment and at Steel Sheds we pride ourselves on having the best technology platform available. The Steel Sheds software enables the customer to design a building to suit their budget and vision. Once all the necessary parameters have been input the system immediately returns a fully interactive 3D model, which the client can amend as desired to ensure you are getting exactly what you want every time.

Our Systems

You can relax in the knowledge that our design systems and engineering techniques are put in place to bring the final product from concept to completion as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Being fully project managed through the entire process means that from the moment you place the order we take full responsibility for design, consents, materials and construction.

Our method of anchoring the building is a key factor to its overall strength. Alternative methods such as surface mounting, still used by others in the industry, just do not compare. Our anchor brackets are manufactured from steel plate up to 5mm thick and cast in reinforced concrete footings up to 600mm diameter by 2.5m deep. Our bracket joints are secured with 6 x16mm diameter Grade 8.8 bolts. The Benefits are greater stability and strength and  an indestructible foundation you can trust.

Our Apex Joints are double sided and manufactured from up to 3mm thick steel plates. The greater strength provided by having double sided brackets that completely enclose the joints allows for greater clear span and maximum useable headroom inside the building. With all these design features combined every standard portal can support an extra one tonne of weight.